GAIA Wave Discovered by Gerber Linked to Mysterious Booms

Newly Discovered Phenomena The Day the Earth Moved
by Richard

 On the First Day of Spring: Vernal Equinox ("equal light") (designated as Sun & Earth Day March 20, 2012 2:30 pm EST a massive seismic wave not associated with a typical large abrupt fault movement or slippage (Earthquake) but rather a release of energy induced by a large scale effect. The mysterious wave traversed the entire planet and may have a connection to the Sun.   The story actually begins  back on 10-4-2010 when the first signal / sign an the ancient Keweenawan Rift that failed long ago seemed to be tearing apart. On that Oct 4th  in 2010 the earth mysteriously opened up in the upper peninsula of  Michigan in Birch Creek, Menominee, which first drew my attention to the seismograph data which had revealed in 2008 a startling reality.

     Almost two years later on Sun 18th 2012 mysterious booms and shaking were occurring at Clintonville Wisconsin. People fled their houses the authorities could not determine the source or cause much like other location on the planet. For some two days there were loud booms and shaking then on the third day, March 20th, the day of the Vernal Equinox, a release of energy occurred that spread to the other side of the planet reaching Beijing China in about one hour. Richard manually tracked it as it moved through the seismograph machines on a hunch that it might have done so. The time is took would indicate the wave was traveling about 5,000 mph hour although it would flow at different rates depending on differences in the medium. Being it originated on the Sun facing side of earth would indicate the Sun as cause and a contributing factor in the least. Another possible candidate is a gravity wave or even a stream of high energy particles or maybe a combination of them (see Super Nova below). Still need to determine if the earth was facing the center of the galaxy at that point which is the location of the Great Singularity.

       Amazing is that the Gaia Wave happened in correlation with other phenomena that most probably were connected and also revealed a previously unknown relationship still beyond the scope of current understanding. First there was a coinciding massive solar electron storm second a fantastic display of Northern Lights that lasted 8 minutes corresponding to the time it takes neutrinos to reach us from the Sun and matching the timing of the magnetic portal that opens every 8 minutes between the Sun & Earth allowing particles to flow into the earth system from the Sun. It is the type of phenomena most professionals would overlook not willing to entertain certain realities looking only at that which qualifies as an earthquake. But there is more on March On March 18th a Super Nova explosion magnitude 13.5 reached us from galaxy M95. Perhaps most intriguing is the associated spikes in Internet traffic on those three days which are hard to explain. But it does not end there on March 26th a second Gaia wave happened. At this time perhaps after one brought it to our attention and published the fact, the authorities admitted there was some sort of seismic activity going on. Most notable where the wave signatures in Peru, Cincinnati Arch, Antarctica and Tibet.
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 Gaia Seismic Wave

Day Before

Gaia Wave Day Before

The Day After



Gaia Seismic Wave the Day Before

The March 26 Gaia Wave

Wave Signatures Lhasa Tibet, China, Japan

Antarctic Peru Seismic Wave Signatures

Grayling MI, Cincinnati Arch, Pace Florida

Australia Greenland Puerto Rico Gaia Wave Signatures

Canary Islands, Austria, Portugal, Shetland Islands

California, Nicaragua

Unexplained Correlated Internet Spikes During those three days

Gaia Wave Internet Spikes

This same wave at different points around the globe, Antarctica for example shows the wave on both sides of the planet an echo.

Sun-Earth day which fits with the theme Richard has been promoting regarding the Supreme Power and the Supreme Intelligence.

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